Info for Suppliers

What is it?

suppliers2pharma is a buying resource for Pharma buyers designed to make buying easy. The current focus of the site is to provide an easy-to-use, up-to-date and comprehensive directory of Pharma suppliers.


Why has it been developed?

A key problem for buyers canvassing the market for quotes in a time efficient way and keeping up to date with suppliers and their offerings. s2p aims to solve this problem by providing an easy to use and regularly updated web directory which has all the information buyers need in one place


Why it is of interest to suppliers?

s2p aims to make buying easier. By making it easier to find information on suppliers this increases the amount of potential leads for suppliers. Suppliers can add their company information for free acting as a vehicle to drive leads for your business. 


What is available for suppliers

All suppliers are able to display essential information about their companies on the website for free through a basic listing. For suppliers who want to differentiate their companies we offer a great value low cost package called the "differentiator package" and for suppliers who are either challenging the market leader in their category or who are the market leader in their category we offer packages suiting both providing great value.

For more details on our listing packages please click here


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