Info for Buyers

What is it?

suppliers2pharma is a buying resource for Pharma buyers designed to make buying easy. The current focus of the site is to provide an easy-to-use, up-to-date and comprehensive directory of Pharma suppliers.


Why has it been developed?

The creators of suppliers2pharma saw a real need in the market for a comprehensive, easy-to-use directory of Pharma suppliers both from observing how buyers found supplier information and also from many conversations had with pharma buyers. We also saw there was a need to build in functionality for suppliers to update the website themselves - out-of-date information is useless


What is available for buyers?

Information on suppliers ranging from basic contact information right through to brochures and videos explaining product offering. Buyers can add favourite suppliers into a favourites list simply by clicking the star in the right hand corner of the supplier's listing.


Who is it built for?

The site really aims to cater both for the buyer who is new to their field and for seasoned buyers. 

1) New buyers - get up-to-speed with who's who in the supplier world and start creating your own favourites list of buyers

2) Seasoned buyers - find information on new suppliers, ensure you are fully canvassing the market every time, keep up-to-date on supplier offerings


suppliers2pharma - making buying easy

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